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Elevate your daily walks with our high-quality leads. Crafted for functionality, durability and style and made in sustainable materials.

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Our dog leads are designed to combine functionality with a timeless aesthetic for you and your dog. We place great emphasis on details and carefully selected materials to offer products that stand the test of both everyday wear and adventure. The nordic origin vegetable tanned leather in our collars and leads is of the highest quality and will adapt to the wearer over time for ultimate comfort. The recycled PET is light-weight and super practical when it comes to mud and rain on your walks.

For us, sustainability is a given. By using quality materials that would otherwise have gone to waste, such as leather that is a by-product from the nordic meat industry and recycled materials, we reduce our impact on nature's resources. Combined with solid brass hardware, we ensure not only strength and safety but also durability. Our environmentally friendly packaging options consist of organically grown cotton bags and recycled paper.

In addition to high quality and sustainability, we also focus on manufacturing our products in the most ethical ways possible. With a leather factory that adheres to the Gold Standard of the Leather Working Group in India and artisans in Turkey who adhere to traditional techniques, we build long-term relationships rooted in responsible production and quality.